About the Book

Featuring a series of extensive, riveting first-person victims’ testimonies, each followed by thoughtful insights, counsel and healing techniques and solutions, Deception in the Pews: Exposing the Hidden Dangers That Lurk Within Religions takes a cautious but thorough look into the desperate world of peril and despair that far too many congregants woefully encounter when seeking spiritual fulfillment, salvation, camaraderie and fellowship.

This book includes a diverse range of stories depicting spiritual abuse congregants endured at the hands of their leaders.

  • Rabbi arrested for voyeurism after secretly recording female congregants while they were naked in the Mikvah.
  • A pastor in Texas was caught breaking into a parishioner’s home on Christmas Eve.
  • A former Hindu Temple priest was sentenced to over 27 years in prison on felony counts including bank fraud, tax fraud and obstruction.
  • Muslim Imam used deception to lure a young girl to his private quarters and sexually abused her.
  • Collectively, congregants lost one million dollars in a Ponzi scheme spearheaded by their spiritual leader.

Deception in the Pews promises to captivate, to confront, to empower and to touch a nerve among the lifelong faithful congregations and leaders alike, challenging all to take responsibility for their actions or lack of same and to take tangible, measured steps to heal.

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